11 October 2022:  A Panel Discussion about finding a job with a US History PhD, 6-7pm, (Zoom).


Erin Bartram, Mark Twain House

Oenone Kubie, Oxford University 

Nicole Gipson, Journal of American Studies

9 November 2022: Prof Brenda Stevenson (Oxford) HRC / SHAW (2pm, Zoom) The Enslaved Black Family.

13 December 2022: Charlie Jeffries (Sussex) in conversation with Grace Watkins (Yale Law School) about Jeffries, Teenage Dreams: Girlhood Sexualities in the US Culture Wars (2022) (6-7pm, Zoom)


17 January 2023:  Fiona de Londras (Birmingham Law School), “’Through Vicious Propaganda and Legislative Moves’: Ireland-America Entanglements in Post-Roe Anti-Abortion Legal Experimentalism” (6-7pm, Zoom)

7 February 2023: Hélène Charlery (Toulouse), “Race, Gender and Biopics: Reclaiming Genres and the Historical (6-7pm, Zoom)

8 March 2023: International Women’s Day Lecture Mara Keire (Oxford) Joint HRC / SHAW 2pm, (Hybrid /MMU) “’Just Kidding’: Humour and Sexual Harassment since the 1970s”

10 May 2023: Shannon Eaves (College of Charleston), ‘Sexual Violence and American Slavery’ (title tbc), HRC / SHAW 2pm, (Zoom)

6 June 2023: Richard Bell (Maryland), Get Out: Streetcars and the Gendered Politics of Segregation in Jim Crow New York, (6-7pm, Zoom).

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